About Us

Hong Kong Harmonica Association (“HKHA”) is a company limited by guarantee without a share capital registered and formed under the Companies Ordinance (Laws of Hong Kong Chapter 622 <Formerly Chapter 32>) in January 2002. It obtained status of registered charitable institution under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Laws of Hong Kong Chapter 112). Its main objective is to promote the art of harmonica music making and related cultural exchanges in Hong Kong and the nearby regions.

HKHA promotes harmonica music making through the performance activities of its Harmonica Orchestra and HKHA St James’ Settlements Junior Harmonica Orchestra. Besides, it organizes and participates in large scale cultural activities, including breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest number (6,131) of harmonica players playing simultaneously in 2009, performance in 5 shows and the red carpet welcome playing in the Hong Kong Week of the World EXPO in Shanghai in 2010, performance in 9 shows as well as in the opening ceremony in the Hong Kong Week of the International Horticultural EXPO in Xian in 2011, as well as the exhibition “Harmonica, an Internationally acclaimed local Art” in 2012.

The Association plays an active role on international stages, supporting and participating in the quadrennial World Harmonica Festivals and the biennial Asia Pacific Harmonica Festivals. After each festival, the Association consistently organized celebration concerts. These concerts normally achieved close to full house attendance. The historic successful organization of the “5th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2004 in Hong Kong” by way of scale and the meticulous management became a role model for the same. Organizers in the region adopted our logo in perpetuity for all subsequent Asia Pacific Harmonica Festivals.

​Along its path to pursue its objectives, the Association also organized Harmonica Summer Music Camp in 2006 and 2009, the Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme “Community in Harmony: Harmonica for Families” for 8 weekends of exhibitions, sharing, teaching and performance in 2011, and again the Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme “Breathe with the Harmonica – Unlock the World of Classical Music” consisting of 8 district concerts and 6 workshops, each of 4 sessions in 2014. The Association was highly recognized with a frequent ranking appearance in the annual Top 10 Music Headlines of Radio 4, Radio Television Hong Kong.